Added conspicuous design prizes:


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Chair PrizeFurniture PrizeIndustrial Exterior PrizeInternational Prize
Lighting PrizeHeathcare PrizeInternational PrizeWeb Prize
Good PrizeCompanies PrizeProcurement PrizeDesign Within Prize
The Design Magazine PrizeArchitecture PrizeWebsite PrizeCover Prize
Diligence in PrizeGood PrizeMachinery PrizePackage Prize
Table and Chair PrizeCulinary Arts PrizePerfect PrizeDesigners Prize
College of Design PrizeGreatest Artists PrizeIndicator of Good Design PrizeHighlighting Prize
Top Designers PrizeSeals PrizeAircrafts PrizeBusiness Strategy Prize
Financial Instruments PrizeBook PrizeYellow Goods PrizeColorful Goods Prize
Dictionary PrizeInteraction Design PrizeFinancial Instruments PrizePublic Sector Prize
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